Soil Toxicology and Environmental Microbiology

Soil toxicology is a branch of environmental toxicology that examines the toxicity of chemical, physical or biological substances to organisms and plants that inhabit the soil. Soil has a natural ability to retain most pollutants released into the environment. Accidental spills and a history of various land disposal and storage practices can result in the release of hazardous substances into soil environments. Soil contamination or soil pollution as part of land degradation is caused by the presence of XenoBionis (human-made) chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment. It is caused by industrial activities, agricultural chemicals, and by improper disposal of waste.

Environmental Microbiology (EMI) is devoted to the advancement of our understanding of microbial interactions and microbial processes in the environment. Microorganisms are cost and effective agents for in-situ remediation of agricultural, domestic, and industrial wastes. They are the best remediation for subsurface pollution in soils, sediments and marine environments. The ability of each microorganism to degrade toxic waste depends on the nature of each contaminant. 

  • Microbial population and biomass tests
  • Topography, climate, and biotic activity
  • Absorption, degradation, bioaccumulation, and chemical comparison of materials
  • Agricultural and economical effects
  • Soil core and community test of microbes
  • Soil microorganisms: nitrogen transformation test
  • Soil invertebrate toxicity tests
  • Mammalian and reptile toxicity tests
  • Bioassessment of soil-dwelling organisms
  • Nutrient cycling and geochemical process bioassays
  • Microbial detoxification
  • Microbial activity and diversity tests
  • Pollution bioremediation techniques
  • sediment and food contaminants
  • Soil microbial community toxicity test
  • Nitrogen overload
  • Soil erosion and lead pollution
  • Bioindicators and biomonitoring

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